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The definition of firearm as recognized by the BATF is that which includes the serial numbered part. In the case of the AR10 or AR15 it is the lower receivers. We do not sell complete firearms at this time.

Legal Disclaimer
We have taken every measure to ensure that we comply with federal law.
Differing state legislation changes so rapidly and varies so much that it is impossible for us to keep current. There is no intention to sell items that are illegal in your state, but there is no possible way we can ensure that every item we sell will be legal for you to own. It is up to you, the customer, to ensure that the item you purchase from us is legal in your state for you to own.

Warranty good to original purchaser or authorized dealers only.
receipt must be included with every return.


Please inspect your new upper/part upon receipt. If you find your purchase unsatisfactory, please notify us immediately.
 If you are dissatisfied with the product, individual parts  may be returned within 10 business days in new  sellable condition UNFIRED, unused and not modified in any way by the customer or another gunsmith for a full refund minus a restocking fee covering the 4% CC fees and shipping. Exchanging one part for another will require the customer to pay the shipping charges to make the exchange. All returns require a copy of the original order.
Any modification to the part or attempt to remove or deface the serial number will void the return/exchange policy.

For those with form/function issues,  again, call us immediately. We will advise you to ship the part/upper back to us for our inspection. After inspection, we will repair or replace the unit at our discretion.
There is a non-negotiable restocking fee(4% +shipping) assessed on all return merchandise if the customer does not allow ARP to correct the issue by repair or replacement.
Any parts, including barrels with holes drilled into or onto the part by the customer or another gunsmith to mount additional parts can not be returned and will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Any modification to the part or attempt to remove or deface the serial number will void the return/warranty policy.



There is no warranty as to accuracy using ANY  factory load by SSA,  Hornady, Remington, military type or FMJ ammo as I have seen charges vary by 1gr and velocities differ  by over 100fps .  We can not control loading practices of any ammo manufacturer, there is no guarantee these uppers will shoot all loads from all manufacturers safely, do not fire ammo that is larger than the SAAMI specs dictate specifically the neck diameter maximum spec of .306 shown  in the top drawing below.

Please be aware that a free float tube is  not exact and they do not always line up with the barrel. They are a handguard and most are extruded with industry tolerances being .010 in 2". If the front of the receivers are not squared the barrel could angle off to the side. Square the receiver face for best results.

3 year conditional warranty

 The complete firearm upper half and  cartridge fired must be sent in for inspection. Receivers that are unsquare will cause the bolt to carry the load unevenly on the lugs which will cause early failure.  Overgassed systems will also cause early failure. Adjust the gas to eject the cases at 3-4 O'clock. Bolt face and firing pin hole erosion due to gases leaking around the primer or primer piercing voids the warranty.
Do not use Remington 6 1/2, CCI 400, Fed 205 primers.

There is no warranty reagarding bolt breakage when used in a piston system that is not functioning correctly. When breakage occurs in a piston operation, we will ask that you ship the entire upper back to us so that our tech can test fire the upper to diagnose the problem correctly.

By placing your order, you agree to the above terms,conditions and return policy.

You must read and agree by checking the box during the checkout process.

NOTICE-orders paid by credit card will only ship to the billing address.
We DO NOT accept American Express.

I receive from 30-50 emails a day, some end up in a spam folder so if I do nor reply try it again or call, thanks


    DO NOT USE  bullets that are larger than .277" in these 6.8 barrels, 99.9% of all .270/6.8 bullets made are .277" diameter.  The chambers were designed for .277" bullets and all 6.8 barrels have a .277" bore so bullets larger than .277" will cause excess pressure and increased copper fouling.  It seems some Cavity Back bullets are .278" and on top of that they are solid copper so check the diameter of the bullets before using them.


     AR Performance (ARP)

    Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

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