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46 Titan bolt bodies and extensions 7.62x39 type
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These are much stronger than a normal AR15 bolt.  Sized for 7.62x39 with a .124 recess. The bolts are not assembled and include no parts, no springs, no pins, no extractor or ejector.  Bolts and extensions have been black oxide coated. 

This batch is for a gunsmith assembling barrels.  It is selling as 1 lot of 46 bolts and extensions.  I will not sell individual pieces.

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    DO NOT USE  bullets that are larger than .277" in these barrels, the chambers were designed for .277" bullets and all 6.8 barrels have a .277" bore so bullets larger than .277 will cause excess pressure and increased copper fouling.  It seems some Maker bullets and Cavity Back bullets made by Maker are .278" and on top of that they are solid copper so check the diameter of the bullets before using them.


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