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Pressure Trace system
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PressureTrace Internal Ballistics System

This is the interior ballistics portion of the RSI Shooting Lab system. It consists of pressure instrumentation and software that runs on a Windows PC. You must have access to a PC while using this product.

Barrel harmonic calculations are also provided when velocities are entered from a chronograph but a chronograph is not required for operation. PressureTrace II will work equally well with any good chronograph

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    DO NOT USE  bullets that are larger than .277" in these barrels, the chambers were designed for .277" bullets and all 6.8 barrels have a .277" bore so bullets larger than .277 will cause excess pressure and increased copper fouling.  It seems some Maker bullets and Cavity Back bullets made by Maker are .278" and on top of that they are solid copper so check the diameter of the bullets before using them.


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