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20" 224 Valkyrie SAAMI, 7.7 twist 3R -
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This batch of 224 Valkyrie barrels are made specifically for the 80gr ELD and shorter bullets, the 90gr TMJ should work. The 7.7 twist rate is perfect for the 80 ELDs and Bergers, 80-83gr. It will also give better performance with the lighter varmint/yote bullets than the 6.5 and 7 twist barrels. The 80 ELD will out perform (less drop and drift) the 88s, 90s and 95s due to the higher velocity(apx 2900-20" barrel). The higher BCs of the 88s, 90s and 95s will not catch up.

224 Valkyrie - The new long range target/PRS(semi auto) king. If you are looking for the best long range target performance out of a factory AR15 round this is it. The 224V has much less drop and drift than the Grendel, also less recoil.

  The  chamber we produce matches the SAAMI spec drawing perfectly. The freebore is much shorter than most barrels on the market and will produce better accuracy with all long high BC bullets however this batch will be limited to bullets 80gr and under.

    Short nosed bullets (55-62)will have to be loaded shorter than mag length to keep them out of the lands. Adjust your loads to keep the bullets out of the lands.. 

 The 7.7 twist will allow shooting the 80s, and everything under down to 55s and do it accurately. I have shot 55gr Noslers into 1/2" at 100yds so don't belive the BS that a fast twist barrel will not shoot light bullets.

  The Melonite treatment will make these barrels last twice as long as stainless.

  • Chamber: 224 Valkyrie
  • Bolt: .125 recess-
  • Profile: " Walking Varmint" .850 under the guard /.750GB/.718 out front. 
  • Fluted: no
  • Barrel Length: 20"
  • Twist Rate: 1:7.7- Hybrid 3R rifling
  • Gas System: RIFLE
  • Diameter at Gas Port: .750"
  • Muzzle Thread Pitch: 5/8x24
  • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
  • Finish: Melonite
  • Process: Button Rifled
  • Barrel Lining: Melonite
  • Barrel Extension: M4
  • Assembly: Stripped
  • Weight: 3lb 3oz
gas tube:
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