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All Wildcat cartridges are now on this page.

General info first- Open 9-5 EST if you need to call. "" is the best email.  A limited amount of product is added to the site daily to keep wait times down. Still with the amount of orders we receive in a single night it keeps us busy and usually run 5-7 business days to ship depending on the parts ordered.  FEDEX will send an automated email with tracking info when the label is printed.

Shipping Restrictions

  • ARP will not ship ANY items to the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).
  • will not ship ANY items to the state of California
  • will not ship ANY AR Parts to Chicago, Illinois, Cook County, Illinois, or Deerfield, Illinois.

Due to numerous shipping, fraud and theft problems over the last 9 years. We have a very strict ordering and shipping policy. We can ship by FEDEX or USPS to residence, business or post offices but the shipping address must match the billing address associated with the credit card used to place the order. We will no longer ship to apartments complexes. We are not taking any new customers in California.    You 68forums guys know what to do.
All parts will require a signature upon delivery, Fed Ex or USPS for PO boxes

Caliber choice opinion- If your primary use will be long range targets the  TAC 6, 224 and
6mm Predator will perform best.   The 6mms in my opinion are also the most versatile as light as 55gr for varmints to 80-90gr for hunting and 95-108gr VLDs for long range paper punching. 
  If you are looking for a deer or hog round the 270MSR, TAC 30(30 Herrett), 6.8 will be better choices for hunting.  The 270MSR is near a full power cartridge, mule deer or elk. The Tac 30 and 6.8 are perfect for whitetails and hogs out to 350yds.

BOLTS ARE NOT INCLUDED with a barrel. They are an option either below the barrel description or on the 'bolt/carrier"page. No other parts are included with a barrel unless added as an option.
Warning- We do not sell Nitride/Melonite treated bolts and will warn all against using Nitride treated bolts. The Nitride treatment anneals carburized bolts. At some point in time the lugs will compress and headspce will increase to an unsafe level.

Headspace- When bolts and barrels are purchased together we will check the headspace.

Barrels are ported to work with standard carbine springs and buffers when used with Normal ammo producing 54000psi. Using weak ammo or reloads, heavier buffers or stronger spring may cause the rifle to short stroke or not strip ammo from the mag. We can port the barrels larger if you plan to run different parts or lower pressure ammo. Add a note in the additional comment box during checkout.

The gas block boss on the barrels are sized to work with .750 diameter gas blocks, that does NOT mean the boss itself is exactly .750.

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    The DNC stole the 2020 election, it was a plan from the beginning

    (ARP) AR15 Performance LLC

    Key West, FL 33040

    Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

    The best way to contact is by email

    Phone: 801-750-4216  8am-5pm eastern time  M- Fri only
    Sorry we do not export anything and do not have a storefront. Everything must be purchased online.

    6.8 SPC II, 5.56, 223 wylde, 30 Herrett, TAC 6,

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