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JAL linear device 5.56 -5/8-24" thread blem
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  Blem-  threads and bore are straight (1st op)  During the second op that cuts the chamfer on the front they may be off a little. Will not effect function and can only be notice if looking close down the barrel.

If a quiet muzzle device is your number one requirement this is the device. The length was held to a minimum to decrease weight and not add length to the firearm. Noise is directed down range. Chamfer on front of device pushes high velocity turbulant gases to the outside to prevent disturbing bullet flight. Noticable recoil reduction. Crush washer is not needed.

.840" dia, 1.5"long, 1.9oz

For use with our SOCOM 5.56, 3 Gun 5.56 and Valkyrie  barrels with 5/8" muzzle threads

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