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7/22- Sorry guys the barrels are selling faster than we can produce them. I'll have another batch of 16" Scout soon and possibly more SS Scout and a few 18s in a week or 2.

General info first- Open 9-5 EST if you need to call. "" is the best email.  A limited amount of product is added to the site daily to keep wait times down. Still with the amount of orders we receive in a single night it keeps us busy and usually run 6-9 business days to ship depending on the parts ordered.  FEDEX will send an automated email  "tracking updates" when the label is printed.

Shipping Restrictions

  • ARP will not ship ANY items to the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).
  • will not ship ANY items to the state of California, Massachusetts or Connecticut.
  • will not ship ANY AR Parts to Chicago, Illinois, Cook County, Illinois, or Deerfield, Illinois.

Due to numerous shipping, fraud and theft problems over the last 9 years. We have a very strict ordering and shipping policy. We can ship by FEDEX or USPS to residence, business or post offices but the shipping address must match the billing address associated with the credit card used to place the order. We will no longer ship to apartments complexes. We are not taking any new customers in California.    You 68forums guys know what to do.
All parts will require a signature upon delivery, Fed Ex or USPS for PO boxes

  Caliber choice opinion- If hunting deer and hogs the 6.8 makes more sense, it is a no fuss no muss work horse. There are more choices of hunting bullets and ammo and the 6.8 factory ammo is apx 100fps faster than the Grendel when the same length barrels and bullet weights are used.  If you reload the 6.8 can be loaded 200fps faster than the Grendel and do it without breaking bolts like the Grendel does.  A larger dia bullet moving 100fps faster = better terminal performance. SD does not mean anything, as soon as the bullet strikes something that SD figure is no longer valid.  The bullet construction and expansion is the most important thing for hunting. Having more hunting bullet choices and better terminal performance puts the 6.8 out front for hunting. If you reload and like wildcats the 30 Herrett is a HAMMER.   You can increase the accuracy and performance by using long load mags from Cavity back bullets. Loading longer than 2.295" will allow using more powder resulting in more velocity and it place the bullet closer to the lands resulting in better accuracy.

All of our 6.8 barrels have a  high performance (SPCII type)chamber and high performance 3R or 5R rilfing which produces 60-90fps more than the old school 4 groove enfield rifling like Wilson Combat and Bison use.

ALL 6.8 ammo is the same size. All 6.8 chambers are the same size. All factory ammo will fit in a 6.8SPC, SPCII or ARP chamber. The only difference in the chambers is the length of the freebore. The length of the freebore can determine how accurate the barrels are. The 1:11.25 twist rate will accurately shoot any bullet from 80-120gr and most 130s. Solid copper bullets like the Barnes and Cavity Back work better in the 3R 1:10 barrels which will accurately shoot anything from 80-150gr.

NOT 1 company loads factory 6.8 SPCII ammo. Since none of the companies will load factory ammo to the higher velocity I have done what I could to increase the velocity with the barrel and chamber design. The 5R and 3R 6.8 barrels sold here normally produce 60-100fps more than the common 11 twist 4 groove barrels when the same factory ammo is used in both types of barrels.

The original 6.8 SPC chamber is comparable to the 223 chamber. The ARP chamber is comparable to the 223 Wylde chamber. The 6.8 SPCII chamber is comparable to the 5.56 Nato chamber.

The 16 and 18" barrels have a tapered profile to keep rigidity up and weight down.

BOLTS ARE NOT INCLUDED with a barrel. They are an option either below the barrel description or on the 'bolt/carrier"page.   Warning- We do not sell Nitride bolts and will warn all against using Nitride bolts. The Nitride treatment anneals carburized bolts. At some point in time the lugs will compres and headspce will increase to an unsafe level.

Barrels are ported to work with standard carbine springs and buffers when used with Normal factory ammo producing 54000psi. Using weak ammo, heavier buffers or stronger spring may cause the rifle to short stroke or not strip ammo from the mag. Gas leaks in the system may also cause short stroking. Also if Carl is shooting the rifle overhead "skinny" style and not against his shoulder it may short stroke.

The gas block boss on the barrels are sized to work with .750 diameter gas blocks, that does NOT mean the boss itself is exactly .750.

If you use a reaction rod  to torque the barrel nut and shear the locating pin off it IS NOT covered under warranty. Because of the time involved to drill the old pin out the cost to repair will be $30 plus shipping.  in Texas is our only authorized builder of 6.8 uppers using ARP barrels.
If you need brass, high performance bullets or long load mags try website.




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