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22" .22 Predator(Grendel) 6.5 twist 3R & Titan bolt
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The 224 Predator is a wildcat based on the PPC or Grendel brass, we recommend Norma Grendel brass. It is the same as a 224 LBC or 224 Grendel. It should push 80s, 88s and 90s apx 100fps faster than the 224 Valkyrie.

  The 224 Predator has a short freebore setup for the long VLDs. The freebore is only .080 so be sure to check where they touch the lands before loading ammo. Many of the 75 and 80gr bullets need to be set around 2.22" OAL. The 62gr Fusions hit at 2.085. 30gr CFE works very well with 75 and 80gr bullets.
Many people think you should be able to load every bullet out to full mag length at 2.26" but you can't. If you loaded a 55gr Nosler to 2.26" it would fall out of the case. The 80 Berger and 75ELDs are long and if you load them to 2.26 the top of the boat tail/bottom of the full diameter is not down to the shoulder-neck junction in the case.
Regardless of what you think when the 80 Berger is loaded to 2.22" OAL the bullet is not protruding into the powder capacity. Only the boattail is below the shoulder junction.
Bottom line, check to see where the bullets hit the lands and back off .010"

This barrel and bolt combo is being produced specifically to fix all off the issues with the Grendel sized cases. I have done everything I can possibly do to make this combo of cartridge, barrel and bolt as strong as possible. They are the strongest bolts made for .442" diameter cartridges. Regardless of what you read on the internet bolts with a .136 recess are NOT stronger than bolts with a .124" recess and the extractors are the same.  The .124 recess bolts also position the brass .012" further in the chamber which keeps the thin case wall away from the unsupported chamfer area at the breech so you can run higher pressures without getting as much of a Grendel belted magnum look and possibly rupturing cases. The bolts will handle 58000 psi if the brass will, those two things will get you an extra 100fps over typical Grendel bolts and cases running 52,000psi. In addition these sets are held to very tight tolerances. Headspace is set to minimum to help prevent case stretch improving case life further.  If you play with the chambering/carrier by hand you will likely hear and feel the lugs clicking when new. They will smooth out as used but the design is intended to make the barrel and bolt as strong as possible.

  • Chamber: .224 Predator
  • Bolt: Titan .124 recess- Black oxide coated
  • Profile:  SPR-.850/.750/.718
  • Fluted: No
  • Barrel Length: 22"
  • Twist Rate: 1:6.5- Hybrid 3R rifling
  • Gas System: RIFLE +2"  Length- Extended length
  • Diameter at Gas Port: .750"
  • Muzle Thread Pitch: 5/8x24
  • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
  • Finish: Melonite
  • Process: Button Rifled
  • Barrel Lining: Melonite
  • Barrel Extension: M4-Black Oxide coated
  • Assembly: Stripped
  • Weight: 2lb 12oz
gas tube
Hornady Custom dies
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