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A quick word on muzzle devices or brakes.
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Muzzle devices shown side by side with a typical A2 on the left. Eliminator 3 gun Brake, SMP Comp, SSB (Shorty), 2 port Vortex Comp, Twisted Flash hider, SVF flash hider, JAL linear brake.

NOTE- STAG, YHM and DPMS uses a different thread on their 6.8s than everyone else, our 5/8-24 thread comps will not fit their barrels we do not sell any muzzle device that will fit those barrels.

The more ports there are the louder the device will be.

The  Eliminator 5.56 brake is a full blown competition brake, it was designed with the priority being reducing the muzzle rise to zero along with reduced recoil for the fastest follow up shots while not being as loud as brake with large side ports. 10 ports Do not use these brakes without hearing protection.

The  Vortex Comp(2-3 ports) was designed to reduce muzzle rise  apx 50% and recoil 30% . It does a great job at reducing flash.
It is louder than a target crown or a flash hider but not near as loud as a brake with big side ports. We have found we can design brakes more efficiently  that will do the same job without excessive noise.

The SSB "Shorty Brake" (4 ports)was designed for those that must use a pinned brake. The diameter is small enough that after pinned you can remove the gas block to work on your upper without destroying the brake. It does reduce recoil and dissipate flash. It is not a loud brake but is louder than a target crown or flash hider.

SVF Flash hiders are just that, they dissipate flash.  None of them do anything to reduce recoil or muzzle rise but they do not increase noise to the shooter.

JAL linear muzzle device- Designed to direct noise down range. The device reduces recoil a small amount. The device is not as loud as a target crown or flash hider.

Noise to shooter least to most- for hunting without any hearing protection stick with those in green.

JAL linear brake
Twisted or SVF Flash

Vortex Comp
Shorty brake

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