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Due to the increasing popularity of our 6.8 SPC II barrels with hog and deer hunters we have added 10.5 and  14.7" barrel lengths and a slightly lighter 16" FW this year. It may not be the trendiest, fastest, or sleekest but the 6.8 is a work horse and gets the job done when it counts.

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6.8 SPCII, TAC 6, 30 Herrett, 5.56x42, 224 Valkyrie, 277 WLV, 6.5 Grendel, 224 & 6mmAR/
Predator barrels are all on the Valkyrie/Grendel/wildcat page

6.8 performance on hogs-


If you are looking for the best all out terminal performance on hogs and deer out to 300yds the 30 Herrett is it.   The rounds hit like Thor's hammer, DRT. A perfect match for Texas hog hunters.   They are pushing the CB 125gr MKZ to 2790 out of an 18" barrel with 29.4gr of SW blackout. That is 200fps faster than a 20" Grendel and 500fps faster than the Blackout.  The 130gr MK319 SOST military bullets also work great in the 30 Herrett, 2600 from a 16" barrel. 

6mm AR15
The 6mm may be the most versatile caliber for the AR15. It is capable of taking small varmints with 55gr loads, yotes with 87s, deer and hogs with 80 and 90gr hunting bullets and long distance target with 95and 105gr bullets.  I offer a 6mm based on the 6.8 case(TAC 6) and 1 based on the Grendel case(6mm Predator). The 6.8 case has been trimmed a little to allow loading the 105s at mag length. The 6mm Predator(Grendel based) has apx 2 gr more capacity but because we can run higher pressure in the 6.8 case there is only apx 50fps difference between thee TAC 6 and the 6mm Predator. The 105s hit apx 2700fps from an 18" barrel, 2800 from a 22" barrel.

AR Performance as an online retailer is committed to providing the best practical high performance parts for the AR15 platform at a decent price( we cut out the middle man)  The high performance 5R barrels we produce were ahead of their time in 2008. Many are just now copying the barrels we produced in 2008 while I have designed and moved on to a higher performance 3R barrel.  The new 3R barrels create 40% less engraving force and bullet deformation. 
Our barrels are less expensive because I choose not to place as much markup on the barrels and sell more of them. Our barrels are easily sub MOA and with good hand loads they can be 1/2 MOA.  They may not be a Krieger or Bartlien but I'll put them up against any  AR15 barrel. 
Better exterior ballistics, terminal performance, accuracy, velocity and long life are all possible with finely tuned chambers
and high performance  hybrid 5R and 3R rifling in Melonite treated 4150 CMV barrels.
We sell the strongest AR15 9310 alloy bolts made  and several efficient muzzle devices.

The 6.8 SPC II, a hunters cartridge
The 6.8 SPC is the fastest growing and #1 choice for hunting deer and hogs with an AR15.
Years before most companies knew the 6.8 existed we were busy testing different rifling and chamber designs to make sure our  6.8 barrels performed better than any other production barrel on the market. They out perform some so called match barrels at a fraction of the cost.

The 6.8 has a wide selection of hunting bullets, brass, upper assemblies and barrels. Over the last 10 years it has proven it is the most reliable factory available hunting cartridge,  accurate and deadly.

Below is comparison between 24" grendel 123sst and 16" 6.8 120sst.  subtract 100fps from the Grendel and add 100fps to the 6.8 to get to a common 20"length for both.

You can see with info straight from Hornady the 6.8 is apx 100fps faster than the Grendel with the same length barrel.

Melonite article - http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2009/02/melonite-surface-treatment-for-barrels-bolts-and-actions/

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