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    IN photo-mil spec 5.56, mil spec 6.8, Titan, XD750, 800 series

    Due to numerous shipping, fraud and theft problems over the last 9 years. We have a very strict ordering and shipping policy.  We can ship by FEDEX or USPS to residence, business or post offices but the shipping address must match the billing address associated with the credit card used to place the order. We will no longer ship to apartments complexes.
    All parts will require a signature upon delivery,
    Fed Ex or USPS for PO boxes


    Why the Superbolt and Titan? I realized long ago that the bolt is the weak link in the AR15 and I was able to do something about it. In 2009 I designed  a new stronger bolt(Superbolt). The lug design was improved with larger radi to increase lug attachment strength. The diameter around the cam pin hole was increased to help prevent breakage there. All of our bolts are made from 9310 Vac Arc, the purest 9310 alloy made.  The Superbolt  works with any mil spec barrel extension. Now several companies claim they designed their bolts to be the strongest but they just can't keep up. They still use square corners at the web-lug junction and our bolts are still apx 14% stronger. We guarantee NONE of our bolts have been Nitride treated. We do offer a Nitride treated carrier and a BCG but only the carrier has been Nitride treated.

    The next step up in strength for us is the 750XD and Titan bolts. Just one look will prove these two to be stronger than any other bolt with a standard mil spec diameter (.746) head and barrel extension. The 750XD bolt is available with purchase of a Grendel but will not work with .224 and 6mm VLDs. The bullet tips lay low in the extension and slam into the breech. The Titan barrel extension has a very small change from the 750xd but is enough to present the tips of the 224 and 6mm up enough to enter the chamber correctly.  Both require a special extension and is only available with the purchase of a barrel. We install the extension and set headspace. The Titan bolts will be available for the 6.8 and all wildcats based off the 6.8 and possibly our Grendel barrels at a later date.

    The 800 series bolts that we started making in summer 2007(.800 head dia) used to make wildcats with a rim size of .473 has been discontinued.  At this time it  looks like Olympic is the only company making a bolt large enough to handle a .473"rim in an AR15.

    When ordering a BCG only order a BCG or a bolt not both, the BCG comes with a bolt.

    Our 9310 alloy "Enhanced"  bolts fit all mil spec carriers and barrels.

    Our 9310 alloy "Superbolt"  bolts fit all mil spec carriers and barrels.

    The 750XD and Titan  bolts work in all mil spec AR15 carriers but use our matching extensions.

    When bolts are ordered with barrels we check the headspace before shipping.

    Bolts include the complete bolt only.

    Carriers include the complete carrier only.

    BCGs are a complete bolt & carrier group- bolt, carrier, firing pin, cam pin and cotter(firing pin retainer).

    "NiB" is the chemical name for Nickel(Ni) Boron(B) coating.



      This business supports AMERICA and its Constitution

      We're in business for the Deplorables, Patriots, Infidels, protectors of the US Constitution, flag and President.
      We applaud the 50% who refused to let the democratic terrorist destroy this country. 

      TRUMP 2020

      (ARP) AR15 Performance LLC

      Key West, FL 33040

      Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

      The best way to contact is by email

      Phone: 801-750-4216  8am-5pm eastern time  M- Fri only
      Sorry we do not export anything and do not have a storefront. Everything must be purchased online.

      6.8 SPC II, 5.56, 223 wylde, 30 Herrett, TAC 6,