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    Fits AR10 and LR308 platforms- includes all companies that copied the DPMS LR series, Aero precision, POF, Spikes, bobs, joes and Franks.

    5R rifling, 1:11.25" twist

    Both 18 and 20" barrels will have a rifle gas system. The barrels are  mid weight so they don't heat up and string shots like some lightweight barrels being produced.

    .800" dia under the guard, .750 gas block, .720 dia in front, 5/8-24 threads. The gas block boss on the barrels are sized to work with .750 diameter gas blocks, that does NOT mean the boss itself is exactly .750.

    18" barrel 2lb-8.8oz, 40.8 oz

    4150 CMV, Melonite treated, barrels have straight flutes

    Test barrels proved very accurate with MK319 ammo.

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    Complete BCG made by Aero Precision- Their # APRH308184

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    Fits 10-110  Savage rifles-

    The 270-08 when handloaded with modern powders can match the performance of factory  270 Win ammo in a short action rifle. Bullets in the 130gr range run around 2900fps, 150s apx 2700.

    7mm08 dies with a .277 expander ball is all that is needed to size and reload the 270-08.

    3R rifling, 1:10" twist- Standard Savage profile .585" at the muzzle

    22" barrel 2lb-7oz

    4150 CMV, Melonite treated

      This business supports AMERICA and its Constitution

      We're in business for the Deplorables, Patriots, Infidels, protectors of the US Constitution, flag and President.
      We applaud the 50% who refused to let the democratic terrorist destroy this country.

      Lastly because of the direction this country is headed I ask one thing. If you are a snowflake, Antifa or just a immature twat in general and your plan is to go shoot all the people that offended you in the last 10 years because you are a twat please do not order parts from me.

      TRUMP 2020

      (ARP) AR15 Performance LLC

      Key West, FL 33040

      Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

      The best way to contact is by email

      Phone: 801-750-4216  8am-5pm eastern time  M- Fri only
      Sorry we do not export anything and do not have a storefront. Everything must be purchased online.

      6.8 SPC II, 5.56, 223 wylde, 6.5 Grendel, 224 Valkyrie, 270-08, 30 Herrett, TAC 6, 224 Predator, 6mm Predator, 277 WLV,  224 Grendel, 6mm Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 5.56 x 42,