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    Silicone Magazine ID bands - pack of 4 -free shipping.

    Choose caliber below.

    TAC 30/ 30 Herrett-tan with black letters

    30 Herrett--tan with black letters

    5.56x42(NOT 5.56x45 or 223)--black with green letters

    TAC 6---black w/red letters

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    Think of this as the 224 Valkyrie improved - Wildcat based on the 6.8 brass trimmed to 42mm, apx 250fps faster than a 5.56 and 150 fps faster than the Valkyrie.  75-80gr bullets run 3000-3100 out of a 20" barrel. The 5.56x42 was designed around 2007 or 2008 long before the 22 Nosler or 224 Valkyrie. It was designed to shoot the 75-80gr Amax and Berger at mag length but also shoots varmint bullets as light as 40gr. 55gr bullets run around 34-3450fps.

    6.8 small base bushing dies can be used to form and load the 5.56x42 or Whidden Gunworks in Ga can make a custom set for you. 224 Valkyrie dies can be used for the initial neck down in one step if the die is held up off the shell holder and adjusted so the neck is sized down without touching the shoulder.

    NOTICE- This barrel has 5/8-24 muzzle threads to reduce bore swelling at the muzzle common with barrels threaded 1/2-28. Most barrels with 1/2" muzzle threads will allow bullets to wobble when exiting the muzzle which degrades accuracy.

    Jason Peterson shot a 4.5" group at 1000 yards using 28gr N540 with the 80gr Amax.

    Barrel extension must be installed after the flutes are cut. The flutes will NOT be clocked straight up.

    • Chamber: 5.56x42(6.8 based wildcat)
    • Profile: SPR midweight-.850/.750/.718
    • Fluted: 8 straight flutes
    • Barrel Length: 20"
    • Twist Rate: 1:7.7- Hybrid 3R rifling
    • Gas System: rifle Length
    • Diameter at Gas Port: .750"
    • Muzzle Thread Pitch: 5/8-24
    • Material: 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium Steel
    • Finish: Melonite
    • Process: Button Rifled
    • Barrel Lining: Melonite
    • Barrel Extension: M4
    • Assembly: Stripped
    • Weight: 2lb 12oz
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    Marked down below cost- no coupons or discounts

    If you want a 6.5mm to hunt with but are concerned about bolt life and feeding the SIX5 is an option.
      This is a 6.5mm wildcat based on the 6.8 SPC case that uses stronger bolts and feeds better from the 6.8 mags. These barrels can be very accurate(1/2MOA) with 100gr TTSX, 120gr TSX, 100 Amax, 120 Nosler, 100 Nosler Partition, 95 Vmax.  The 100gr bullets at 2800fps are a sweet spot for a case the size of the Grendel or 6.8. They will out perform any of the 123gr bullets out of the  Grendels 2500fps all the way to 800yds.  These 16" barrels are perfect for those that love the Barnes 100gr TTSX bullets and want a shorter barrel to hunt with.

    4150 CMV 11595E barrel steel. Barrels have a Hybrid 5R rifling with 1 in  8.5 twist .
      Barrels have M4 feed ramps, mid length gas system, .800 under the guard, .750 gas block dia. .718 dia from gas block to muzzle.  5/8-24 thread muzzle. Barrels have helical flutes ($120 option in many places)

     By trimming the 6.8 case back to 1.610-1.615  the Hornady 123 Amax and SST, Barnes 100 and 120 TTSX, 120 TSX. Nosler 100 and 120 NBT can be loaded to the cannelure in a 41mm long 6.8 case to 2.31"and fit in unmodified Magpul SIX8 pmags or PRI 6.8 mags. Please read the load data below carefully before purchasing , it takes loading long(OAL), max mag length to get the best accuracy. Never use a neck sizing dies to size brass for an AR15. If you do not understand what it takes to get accuracy from this round please call before purchasing. Mags that allow loading longer than 2.3"  are available from Cavity Back Bullets.

    6.8 FL bushing dies with a .284-.288 bushing and trimming the case to 1.610" is needed to reload. The chamber has a .297 neck 1.5 degree throat angle for better accuracy and to prevent splitting the case necks from over working the brass. Do NOT have to fire-form just size trim and load.

    This is a barrel only, it does NOT include any other parts unless added below as an option. 

    Bullfrog Rusthunter is known to cause discoloration of Melonite surfaces.
    NOTE: When forming the brass the first time it must be done correctly to get good accuracy. When setting the shoulder location it is best to set the dies .002-.004" under the chamber size.


    All loads below should be considered max. Start 1-2gr lower and workup while looking for accuracy.
    Pressures shown are from actual pressure tests not calculated from quickload.

    The 123 SST and Amax must be loaded to 2.31+ to get the best accuracy. The 120 Nosler 2.3"seems to work well.

    Try these loads-they have been tested for accuracy using Hornady brass, Wolf magnum primers and all shoot under 1 MOA some under 1/2 MOA out of the 16" barrels.
    100gr Barnes TTSX -OAL 2.3-2.31" 28.5gr 10x ---max load, do not use more than 28.5 10x--.4 MOA --most accurate load tested.
    100gr Hornady Amax -OAL 2.295-2.31 28gr 10x ---max load
    120gr Barnes TSX--OAL 2.32-30gr AA2520---max load
    120 Nosler BT-OAL 2.3-2.31"-30gr AA2520---max load
    123gr Amax OAL 2.31-2.32-30gr AA2520---max load
    Drop 1/2-1 gr if using CCI magnum primers or Federal brass. All of those loads above are compressed but shoot very well.

    123 Amax 2.310" OAL SSA brass, CCI450 primer
    CFE-32gr=2493fps>54500psi---max fill
    Xterm-29.5gr 2508fps>59422psi

    100gr Amax-best at 2.295 OAL drop at least 1 gr from max
    N530-29.5gr=2788fps>59700psi---29 max>27gr apx 1"
    8208-29.8gr=2684fps>56669psi--max fill> 28gr apx 1"
    N200-27.5gr=2738fps>59460psi max
    2200-28gr=2720fps>59730psi max
    CFE-33gr=2697fps>52000psi--max fill
    X-term 31.5gr 2775>56388psi>28gr apx 1"


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      6.8 SPC II, 5.56, 223 wylde, 6.5 Grendel, 224 Valkyrie, 270-08, 30 Herrett, TAC 6, 224 Predator, 6mm Predator,  224 Grendel, 6mm Grendel