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High performance AR15 parts for the experienced builder since 2007

Our goal is superior accuracy though better chamber and rifling design
ARP barrels may not be a Krieger or Bartlien but I'll put them up against any  AR15 barrel made including Noveske, Wilson Combat and Larue. 
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Sorry but all orders MUST be placed online. 

Shipping Restrictions

  • ARP will not ship ANY parts to the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).
  • will not ship ANY items to the state of California.
  • will not ship barrels to Maryland-we do not sell HBAR barrels
  •  will not ship ANY AR  parts  to Chicago, Illinois, Cook County, Illinois, or Deerfield, Illinois.
  • Current shipping times 7- 10  BUSINESS days

The 6.8 SPC II, Best all around AR15 cartridge.

Defensive and Hunting the 2 largest sectors

The 6.8 SPC is the fastest growing and #1 choice for hunting deer and hogs with an AR15.
Using factory ammo the 6.8 is apx 100fp faster than the Grendel using the same weight bullet and same length barrel. Out to 175 yards the 6.8 has more energy with 110 and 120gr loads.  A 16" 6.8 loaded with factory Hornady 120gr SSTs has enough velocity to expand and energy to take deer and hogs at 400yds. The Grendel horde likes to say the 6.8 is a short range hunting round and the Grendel is long range...BS.  Load a 130gr Berger Classic Hunter (BC .497), 130 Speer or Sierra BT in the 6.8 and it will push it to the same velocity as a 123gr 6.5 Grendel. The BCs are very close so the drop and drift will be very close way past ethical hunting distances and the 6.8 bullets actually expand as designed.

There are defensive bullets like the 90gr Gold Dot, and several fmjs. There are bonded hunting bullets like the 100 and 110 Accubond, premium solid copper bullets Barnes 85 TSX, 95TTSX, 110 TSX, Cavity Back 100 and 120 MKZ and Hornady 100 GMX.
The 6.8 mags feed better, metal and Magpul SIX8 mags. The bolts and extractors are stronger and more durable than Grendel based cartridges.

6.8 performance on hogs- VIDEO LINK

AR Performance(ARP) as an online retailer is committed to providing the best practical high performance parts for the AR15 platform at a decent price( we cut out the middle man)  The high performance "AR match grade" 5R barrels we produce were ahead of their time in 2008. Many are just now copying the barrels we produced in 2008 while I have designed and moved on to a higher performance 3R barrel.  The new 3R barrels create 40% less engraving force and bullet deformation for handloaders wanting to push the envelope. 
Our barrels are less expensive because I choose not to place as much markup on the barrels and sell more of them. Our barrels are easily sub MOA and with good hand loads they can be 1/2 MOA.  
Better exterior ballistics, terminal performance, accuracy, velocity and long life are all possible with finely tuned chambers
and high performance  hybrid 5R and 3R rifling in Melonite treated 4150 CMV barrels.


  5.56x42, 270 MSR, barrels are on the Misc. page
Due to the poor performance on game we do not offer any 300 Blackout barrels.

Blackstone Arms is our only authorized builder of uppers. If you have a question about others please call.

Due to numerous shipping, fraud and theft problems over the last 9 years. We have a very strict ordering and shipping policy.
We can ship by FEDEX or USPS to residence, business or post offices but the shipping address must match the billing address associated with the credit card used to place the order. The processing company will NOT approve any transaction where the shipping address does not match the billing address, it will trigger the fraud prevention office .  Sorry but, we will no longer ship to apartments complexes.
All parts will require a signature upon delivery to prove the item was delivered,
Fed Ex or USPS for PO boxes. Present shipping times apx 6-9 BUSINESS days plus travel time.  If you do not agree to these terms do not attempt to place an order.

Sorry we do not offer any gunsmithing services.



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    (ARP) AR15 Performance LLC

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    Hi performance 5.56 & 6.8 SPC barrels and parts since 2007

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