6.8 9310 alloy superbolt
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Our bolts are not just a normal AR15 bolt design made from 9310 like most of the others on the market.

We have taken the current AR15 bolt to the next level by completely redesigning the lug and cam pin area as well using a stronger 9310 Vac-ARC alloy to make this the most  durable bolt on the market.  Notice the thicker web between the recess and the lugs and the larger radius at the root of the lugs. The area of attachment was increased by 40% then the 9310 material  multiplies the strength.
This is a Complete bolt(BLACK)...does NOT come with any other parts(that means no cam pin, no firing pin, no cotter, no carrier).

A BCG parts kit is an option-it includes a firing pin, cam pin and cotter but does not include a carrier.

 1 year no questions asked warranty
If your bolt breaks at the lugs or cam pin hole within 1 year return it for replacement.
3 year conditional warranty
 The complete firearm upper half and  cartridge fired must be sent in for inspection. Receivers that are unsquare will cause the bolt to carry the load unevenly on the lugs which will cause early failure.  Square the receiver face or use Mega brand receivers. Overgassed systems will also cause early failure. Adjust the gas to eject the cases at 3-4 O'clock. Bolt face and firing pin hole erosion due to gases leaking around the primer or primer piercing voids the warranty. Bolts should be replaced around 5000 rounds.
Do not use Remington 6 1/2, CCI 400, Fed 205 primers.


With the cam pin area and lugs the only areas that break on an AR15 bolt, we've re-engineered the area around he cam pin hole to be 17% thicker on each side of the pin.

The lug attachment to the web of the bolt has been increased by 40% with the addition of a larger radius at the root of the lug.

In addition to making the physical size of the bolt larger, we've made them from 9310 which is significantly stronger than most commercial bolt material which is 8620 cold rolled or mil spec bolt material which is carpenter alloy 158.

small parts kit:
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